Coach Brad James     


Coach Mark Demboski    

I enjoy helping girls improve their hitting skills and reach their potential.  The game is just more fun when girls are hitting the ball hard, putting it in play, and getting hits.  As a team we start out working on improving your girls mechanics, recognizing the pitch location and the correct contact point. Next I talk about how to improve the mental side of the game: being a good teammate, how to relax at the plate, and how to play with confidence. next we learn how to prepare for what it takes to be a successful player. I was a high school softball coach for 13 years, a junior high coach for 20 and a travel coach for 15. I work worth girls of all levels and enjoy helping them improve their game and achieve success.

We have several coaches available seven days a week, unique to fit YOUR needs, including former Illinois State athletes, junior high, and high school coaches. Call today to schedule lessons with one of our amazing coaches. 

The team

Brad is one of the finest coaches I have seen here at Batter Up. If you are serious about furthering your athletes chances of playing college ball, I highly recommend Brad. Brad played in the pros for many teams in his career.